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The players at Crestwood are brimming with enthusiasm and confidence and are as excited as they should be, because they are. It's good to work hard every day and it pays off, even if I'm leading 6-0, "said former receiver and cornerback Mahdi Fadel.

He was diagnosed with amyloidosis, a low lymphoma that kept him in daily practice during the time he was slowed down by chemotherapy. He missed practice for the first time last year because his eyes were swollen from the effects of chemotherapy.

Berry has fought off adversity to get the job done with his staff, which includes assistant coaches and players from his time as a high school basketball player. I feel like I have a great assistant coach and player who wants to stick to the words he's got because they give him the confidence to succeed.

Coaches are responsible for reminding athletes regularly to maintain physical distance, disinfect hands and make basic hygiene considerations. The correct clothing is to be worn for practice and competition clothing worn during training and competition is to be washed before the next use.

All athletes, coaches and officials are checked and their temperature checked before entering the training facility. If anyone who has attended an event at Crestwood has tested positive for Covid 19, they must contact the Crestwood Administration immediately. School management and athletic trainers will conduct a health check of all participants before the competition.

All participants are aware of and familiar with the current MHSAA guidelines and regulations for Covid 19 procedures. All training sessions should involve the same members who should remain in the capsule for the duration of the session. Athletes should have the right not to be shared with other athletes, coaches, officials or other members of their team.

Participants are referred to as "allowed," and 90 percent of calls usually come from the coordinator. Every game is played through the headset during the game, but you can change one of them if you want and you go back and forth with the coach.

If you have a team, you will probably get a cheap TV antenna, but if you don't, you can't. However, you can watch the game with an antenna without restrictions, so if your team has a good home advantage, like the University of Michigan game against Michigan State or the Michigan Wolverines game against Detroit Red Wings, then you're in the wrong place at the wrong time to get it.

Fortunately, there are many options for those who want to cut the cord, but you can't live in an area with black - out sports like the NHL, NBA and MLB. When you watch a professional or college sports team, they are not subject to blackout restrictions, so don't be afraid to watch them with an antenna or a cheap TV antenna, even if they are in a blackout zone.

Coach Mike Berry came in my first year and said, "You might not make it through your first year, your second year, maybe your third, but you've got to do it and you'll make it through until you leave here. Berry and his staff have built up a great depth that was needed after losing four key players to early-season injuries, including quarterback Adam Husseini in Week 2. Second man Ali Kathem has filled the void and worked solidly, throwing well and throwing while leading the wing - t-offensive.

Ja'Quan Smith recalled the message Berry and his staff delivered to themselves during his freshman year. Berry, 64, was previously a coach at several schools, including the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Northern Michigan University, before taking the job at Crestwood. He enjoyed tremendous success as a player, played his first four years at NorthernMichigan, became an All-American defensive lineman and helped Northern Minnesota win the Division II National Championship in 1975 with teammate Steve Mariucci. In his second year as head coach, Berry took over the Crestwood program in 2012 and tried to end a streak of seven consecutive losses.

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