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The Mexican restaurant in Dearborn Heights has closed after customers fought a rule requiring them to wear face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Mexican restaurant on the east side of the city that was stopped after a customer treated a female employee rudely when she was told she was wearing a mask at the restaurant.

The family, who own and operate the restaurant, said their staff had received verbal abuse, mainly because they did not want to wear masks in the building. Alvarado said the verbal attack - which included customers being insulted and viciously insulted - accused the restaurants of violating customers' rights and said it was not medically safe. He pointed out that the problem is when other customers sit down to eat.

Alvarado said he operated the doors, monitored the number of people entering the restaurant, directed customer traffic and made sure everyone wore masks when the drivers entered. In one incident on Saturday, a customer broke the door open after being told he could not enter without a mask and refused to leave. A third delivery driver, he said, had to wear masks and waited on the porch, not in the building. Alvarados said they called police after he physically clashed with him when he was told he was wearing masks.

Remember to wash your hands frequently, wear a mask over your nose and mouth, stay at home if you are ill, leave room for each other and remember when you enter the restaurant or bar and are not sitting at a table.

Come along 6905 Schaefer Road and discover this Lebanese place that offers falafel and more the next time you want to satisfy a craving. The menu of the restaurant offers a wide range of grilled dishes, including lamb chops, beef skewers, kefir and more. This menu has a variety of buns that are more of an attitude, such as the aptly named Michigan roll.

Try the summer roll wrapped in rice paper and served with an aromatic garlic sauce, or try the grilled chicken or bourbon chicken, which is a bit spicy. Try the boneless marinated chicken (there are two types of chicken breast and chicken breast) served in hoisin peanut sauce. There are a variety of salads as well as a wide selection of side dishes, such as chicken salad and rolls.

American cheese cooked in the meat is a good choice from the extensive menu. Try the burger, served with fried egg and American cheese, or try a burger with chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, tomato and a side of lettuce and tomato.

The famous hamburger was founded by Hussein Hider, who opened his first burger shop in Lebanon in the 1960s. The business moved to Detroit, where the family opened their first restaurant in 1998, and then to Dearborn Heights in 2002.

The Lebanese spot has proved to be a favourite for local selection, with four stars and 268 reviews on Yelp. Henry Ford Ollies Lebanese Kitchen, 16351 Ford Road, Suite 100, is also a top choice among Yelpers, who give it four stars out of 256 reviews. Morley can visit the L.A. Bistro, which has received four stars and 197 reviews from Yelp, and there are plenty of other popular destinations in Dearborn Heights.

Besides the homonymous meal, Rafic's Falafel has an extensive menu that includes a variety of salads, sandwiches, pasta, soups, salads and more. The sustainability-conscious restaurant serves organic grass-fed beef and has vegan options on the menu.

With four locations in Dearborn Heights, you shouldn't have a hard time finding this restaurant, and the generous portions are quite a lot. Lue Thai Cafe is in the Dear born area, but it's not the trendy place to grab your next Thai meal. With four restaurants and a wide selection of Thai food, it must be one of Michigan's most popular Thai restaurants. To find out what Dearback Heights and its surrounding area have to offer, check out these ten great joints.

By following health guidelines, customers can do their part to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, saving lives and thus reducing stress in the economy. This place also offers Hamido special plates, which are plates for groups of two, three or five people. Guests dining in a restaurant will be spoiled with exceptional service and quick preparation, and guests ordering takeaway will have the opportunity to enjoy complimentary tea or drinks while waiting. Take-away dining offers takeaway food in various sizes, from small plates to large plates, as well as a wide selection of take-out restaurants.

Overall, he and his family are grateful for the support they continue to receive from the community during this pandemic. Amigos, with a heavy heart we inform you that on June 29th we will close all the restaurants and will only provide the service. The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority, so we have decided to close our doors to the public until further notice. European users agree to our Data Transfer Policy and by signing up you agree to this Privacy Policy.

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