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Detroit has a museum for everyone, but if you're in Dearborn, Michigan and crave a little culture, you should know that Wayne County has a number of impressive museums that are worth visiting. Although much of the museum is not directly accessible, the Henry Ford Museum is a truly immersive experience, where you can drive a Model T, explore HenryFord's special events, and visit Greenfield Village, which brings history to life with its extensive collection of vintage cars and vehicles. Here you will find everything from the original Ford Motor Co. Estate to the modern Ford models, as well as a variety of other historic vehicles and buildings.

The Historical Museum is just two miles from the Motown Museum, making it easy to visit both on the same day. Visit the adjacent museum, located in the Detroit Museum of Automotive History and Heritage, just a few blocks away (time permitting), and get a deeper insight into the history of the automotive industry. Don't miss the opportunity to sign up for free admission to the Henry Ford Motor Co. Museum's special events, such as the annual Detroit Auto Show, so you don't have to wait.

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Wright Township is home to one of the most famous figures in Dearborn Heights history, Jerry Wrightin. You can learn more about his life and the people named after him on the Wright Township Historical Society website.

Eppstein House is located between Michigan and USC, home to one of the most famous historical figures in Dearborn Heights. Michigan is home to Michigan State University College of Art and Design and the University of Michigan.

One of these buildings houses the Detroit Automotive Hall of Fame, one of the oldest buildings in Dearborn to remain at its original location. Motor City was founded in 1974 and moved to a new building in Dearborn in 1997. The oldest building in Detroit is located in the old Arsenal Commandant's Quarters. This led to a considerable congestion and a lack of parking space.

Orville Wright (left) stands in front of the building that Ford moved to Michigan in the early 20th century as part of its Detroit Automotive Hall of Fame and which is on the same floor as the Ford Motor Company headquarters in Dearborn. Orvillewright (right) and his wife Mary Ann Wright (left) stand at the front door of a building where Ford moved into in Michigan.

Henry Ford is made up of Greenfield Village, which is open seasonally from April to December. Henry Ford and his wife Mary Ann Ford stand outside their home in Dearborn, Michigan, in this photo taken from the Detroit Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit, Michigan, Tuesday, June 22, 2017.

The University of Michigan's Natural History Museum reopens as the Michigan Science Center in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. The Michigan science center opened in 2013 after pulling out of the former Detroit science center after it closed in 2011.

Opened in 2005 in nearby Dearborn, it is the only museum in the United States dedicated exclusively to Arabs - Americans. The DIA campus is home to Henry Ford International Airport, the second largest airport in the world, and the Ford Motor Company, also known as "Henry Ford." There are two museums near Dearburn: the Michigan Science Center and the Arab American Museum of Michigan.

Most residents of the north - the residents of the end are earmarked for public schools in Dearborn, while the residents of the south - the residents of the city's public schools are responsible for public school districts in the north and south.

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